Competition season begins in October and runs through the beginning of April, with the National Championships in June. Each individual competitor is expected to attend one to two tournaments per month, but more is ideal. Most tournaments take 14+ hours on Saturdays. While it may sound like a big commitment, we ask students to try competing in at least two tournaments; if you still think it is too much of a commitment, we can part ways with mutual respect for one another. But most team members find that they are relishing the next opportunity to compete. Whether it is the competition, the chance to bring home trophies for your performance , or simply spending time with 300+ students from high schools around the region, most students relish the tournament experience.

Novice Tournaments: These tournaments are specifically for students who have not previously competed in the event type.

Local Tournaments:
Kent Denver attends two to three tournaments every month during the season.

Travel Tournaments: The Kent Denver Speech and Debate team travels to several out of state tournaments each year.

The 5280 Tournament:
This is the tournament Kent Denver hosts along with George Washington High School.

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Upcoming Tournaments
(note that tournaments are subject to change):

COLORADO STATE TOURNAMENT  1st weekend of Spring Break
March 17th and 18th
Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 5pm @ Mountain Vista High School

National Qualifiers ACT test date
April 7th & 8th
Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday 8am – 8pm @ Heritage High School

Tournament of Champions (Lexington) Travel Tournament
April 20th – 23rd
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
LD and CX, by qualification only

NSDA National Championships (Birmingham) Travel Tournament
June 17th – 24th
Depart Saturday; return Saturday


Past Tournaments:

Greenhill Tournament Travel Tournament
Sept. 16 – 19th
Depart Friday; return Sunday or Monday
LD and CX only

New Trier (Chicago) Travel Tournament
Oct. 7th-10th
Depart Friday; return Monday
CX only

Cherry Creek Novice Tourney Novice Tournament
October 15th
Saturday 1pm-6:30pm @ Cherry Creek H.S.

Lakewood Novice Tourney Novice Tournament, Fall Break.
October 22nd
Saturday 7:30am-4pm @ Lakewood H.S.

Meadows Debate Tournament Travel Tournament
October 28th – October 30th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
LD and CX only

Great Pumpkin Novice Tourney Novice Tournament
October 29th
Saturday 9am-5pm @ Castle View H.S.

Cherry Creek Classic Fall Play and SAT testing date.
November 5th
Saturday 7am-7pm @ Cherry Creek H.S.

5280 Tournament
This tournament is co-hosted by Kent Denver and GWHS.
Parent volunteers are needed!

November 11th-12th
Friday 4pm-10pm @ George Washington H.S.
Saturday 7am-8pm @ George Washington H.S.

Glenbrooks (Chicago) Travel Tournament
November 18th – 21st
Depart Friday; Speech returns Sunday, Debate returns Monday

Alta Silver & Black (Salt Lake City) Travel Tournament
December 1st – December 3rd
Depart Thursday; return Saturday
LD and CX only

December 2nd-3rd
Friday 12pm-9pm @ University of Denver
Saturday 7am-7pm @ University of Denver

December 3rd
Saturday 6:45am to 7pm @ Chatfield H.S.

Winter Wonder ACT testing date.
December 10th
Saturday 7am – 7pm @ Cherry Creek HS

Cheyenne East Holiday Classic (Cheyenne)
Travel Tournament
December 16th and 17th
Leave Friday at 7:30am and return Saturday at 7:30pm

Local tournament
January 7th
Saturday 7:30am to 7:30pm

ASU — Tempe, AZ Travel Tournament
January 5th – 8th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
Speech and Debate — JV Debate offered at this tournament.

Patriot Games MLK weekend
January 14th
Saturday 7am – 7pm @ George Washington H.S.

Fairview Freeze (Boulder) — Deadline:  Thursday, January 19th
January 28th
Saturday 6:15am – 9pm @ Fairview H.S.

Colorado District Congress Qualifying Tournament
January 27th-28th
Friday 3:30pm – 9pm, Saturday 7am – 7pm @ site TBD

Golden Desert (Las Vegas) Travel Tournament
February 3rd – 6th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday)
LD and CX only

DPS Invitational or Lakewood Invitational — Deadline: Wednesday, January 26th
February 4th (Musical weekend)
Saturday 7:20am 8pm @ Denver School of the Arts

Jeffco Invitational ACT test date  — Deadline:  Wednesday, February 1st
February 11th
Saturday 7am – 7pm @ site TBD

California Invitational (Berkeley) Travel Tournament
February 17th – 21st
Depart Friday; return Tuesday

State Qualifiers @ George Washington High School
March 3rd and 4th
Friday 3pm – 10pm, Saturday 7:30am -6pm @ George Washington High School

Speech & Debate Showcase Night @ Kent Denver
March 7th All team members must attend
Tuesday 6pm – 9pm @ Anschutz Theater