Judging Requirements

Judging Requirements

Judging is fun and gives you an opportunity to be involved in your child’s commitment to speech and debate.  Each family is required to judge at a minimum three tournaments per season. We have divided each tournament into three 4 hour sessions.  A tournament is made up of many rounds, and you should expect to stay a minimum of two rounds. Your participation is greatly needed and appreciated.

Sample judging forms for Speech Events

Richard Huttner, Rbhuttner @ gmail.com, is the Kent parent in charge of training and scheduling parents for judging. Thank you for your efforts, Richard!

Why Judge?

  • Tournaments run smoother with more judges. There is less waiting time between rounds meaning the tournaments finish closer to on-time.
  • The feedback from judges helps the participants improve.
  • Think of judging as ranking, not judging. You rank the speakers. We offer training on the criteria and how to fill out a meaningful ballot for the students.
  • We need debate judges. There is always a shortage of people willing to judge debate rounds. Listening to the back and forth of a debate round will certainly entertain you. By having more debate judges, the tournaments also run faster and end earlier.
  • Most tournaments usually run all day on Saturdays, and sometimes run late into the evening. Some tournaments include Fridays as well. The more judges we have, the faster the tournaments can be run – so by helping to judge you can get your child more sleep.
  • If we don’t have enough volunteer judges at a tournament Kent Denver is required to pay a fine.

Training and Shadowing
Separate training is required for judging debate and judging speech events. Most people choose to judge either speech or debate, but you are welcome to train in and judge both. All newly trained judges must shadow a veteran judge at a tournament. Shadowing is optional for previously trained judges. You will not be able to judge at the tournament where you are shadowing or being trained. Shadowing can be scheduled at training sessions.

Trainings Dates
You do not have to sign-up to attend these trainings

  • Sunday, Oct. 1st, 12:00-1:30pm @ Kent
  • Saturday, Oct. 14th, 1pm-3pm @ Cherry Creek HS
  • Saturday, Oct. 28th @ Castle View HS
  • Monday, Oct. 30th, 6-8pm @ George Washington HS, Rm 22