The state tournament is on March 17th and 18th at Mountain Vista High School.

You can go to the following link to get the schedule for the state tournament:




Buses will leave from in front of the school at 7:15am SHARP!!!

You will be missing all day Friday for competition.  Please talk to your teachers to let them know you will be missing.



SPEECH — Humor, Duo, Drama, OO, POI, Informative, FX, Poetry have Semi Finals on Saturday Morning.  They will post Semi Finals on Friday evening at the tournament and online.

DEBATE:  LD will advance to the round of 16 on Saturday morning.  There will be a run off round on Friday night.  Winners advance.  All 2-1’s get a runoff round.

CX will be advancing to Semi Finals most likely based on numbers on Saturday morning.

NOTE: All Competitors should return on Saturday whether you advance or not to support the teammates that do advance.  Non Advancing competitors can wear regular street clothes to observe.  



The National Qualifying tournament is a great opportunity for students to get a chance to advance to the National Championships in Birmingham, Alabama on June 17th – 24th.

Speech events:  Humor, Drama, Duo, Oratory, Domestic Extemp, International Extemp, POI, and Informative Speaking

Debate events:  CX, LD, and PF

The tournament is Friday, April 7th after school and Saturday, April 8th.  This is an elimination tournament.

Debate it is double elimination.

Speech, if you finish in the bottom half of your round twice, you are eliminated.

The top two finishers qualify for nationals!!!!

NOTE: This is a very important tournament for the program, the school and thus, we want as many people competing as possible.  The coaching staff believes every member of the team should try to make themselves available.   The school pays your travel costs to go to Nationals if you should qualify.  It is an incredible opportunity to be able to compete at the national championships.   I hope you all will take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Below is the sign up sheet for the National Qualifying tournament:



  • Students will be excused from school around 2:30pm.
  • Buses will leave around 2:45pm for the tournament
  • If you are wholesale jerseys driving yourself to Heritage High School, please arrive no later than 3:30pm.
  • Please bring money for food for the evening
  • You will have 2 rounds guaranteed on Friday evening.
  • You will return on Saturday if you have not been eliminated.


  • There will most likely be NO BUS for Saturday as students will have to arrive at different times based on their round start times.
  • You will compete until you are eliminated or make it to the final round, whichever comes first.
  • Please bring oakley outlet money for food for the day, both lunch and dinner.
  • Awards are scheduled for 7:30pm

Heritage High School Address and Directions Link

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State Qualifying Tournament March 3rd and 4th


This tournament is divided into two days with some speech events on Friday and some on Saturday along with debate.


Friday events:  Humor, Drama,  Poetry, International Extemp, Domestic Extemp, and Oratory

Saturday events: CX, LD, PF, Duo, POI, and Informative

The tournament cheap MLB Jerseys is THREE rounds for events and FOUR rounds for Debate.

How do I qualify?

You qualify in Speech by finishing in the top 20% in your event.  Thus if there are 24 kids in your event, the top 5 Cheap MLB Jerseys would qualify.

You qualify in Debate by finishing with a record of 3-1 or 4-0.  ONLY ROUND 4 is power matched off of rounds 1 and 2.

We are limited to 4 slots in ever speech and debate event and 1 alternate that could be pulled into the tournament if another team drops a competitor.

You must be able to attend the state tournament on March 17th and 18th at Mountain Vista High School




  •   Students will be excused at 2:30pm to get dressed load buses to depart at 2:45pm
  • Students will need to bring their competition clothing with them.
  • Please bring money for food for dinner.
  • Tournament is at George Washington High School 655 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80224
  • First round will start at 4pmish so everyone needs to be at GW at 3:30pm.
  • Last round, depending on judges, should be completed between 8:30pm and 9pm.


  • Bus will depart Kent Denver at 6:45am
  • Students need to meet at George Washington at 7:20am…1st round is at 8:00am
  • There will be 4 rounds in Debate
  • There will be 3 rounds in Speech
  • Awards are scheduled for 5:30pm
  • Please do not ask for results before awards


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Greetings Kent Families,

Many people have asked Terry and I questions about speech and debate camp, I would like to oakley outlet write to you all to talk about the importance of camp, answer some basic questions about camp, and to explore different camps to talk about their benefits and costs.

Obviously this is meant to start a conversation, I would suggest reaching out to the coaching staff, or to the parents of older students who have attended camp to get their perspective as well.

What is speech and debate camp?

Speech and debate camps are hosted on college campuses around the United States and are sponsored and staffed by college and high school coaches. Many camps take selection of their staff very seriously to ensure that students are receiving the best and most competitively successful faculty to enrich their experience.

Debate camp is a rigorous chance for students to practice their debate skills and research the topic for the next season of debates. Students will spend their days researching and writing arguments, attending topic lectures, and completing practice debates and speeches with guided feedback from their instructors.

Speech camp gives kids the chance to pick material in interpretation, write their oratories for the season, work on honing of extemp research and prep techniques.  Students also get to practice their blocking, acting, and performances in interp and work on speaking skills in public speaking events in front of dedicated professionals without distraction. Many times, students will leave camp with 1-2 pieces that are nearly tournament ready. This advantage gives students a major boost over their competitors that are just starting to work in the fall.

Speech and debate camps are useful because they ensure that students can have dedicated time to learning the craft without distractions from school work and the many other events and activities that our students take part in throughout the school year. Focusing only on speech or debate and working hard during the summer is a time when many students make fast leaps and bounds in their abilities.

Speech and debate camp also allow students to network with their peers, judges and with college coaches. It is a great way to improve the standing of students in the community and to make connections with college coaches and programs that may offer students scholarships to compete on their teams.

Where do I go to speech and debate camp?  

Let’s start with Debate…..

Ok great, so which debate camps are good?

There are many great debate camps around the country. I will provide some commentary on the camps that I think are generally the best for different skill levels.

Camps for students who want to get their feet wet, but don’t have a lot of time, resources, or aren’t sure they LOVE debate yet.

I would consider attending many of the two-week camps around the country. These are all introductory camps, 2 weeks long, close to Denver (some are), lower cost, and have good faculty members. The 2-week camps are good camps for students who want a short camp experience and are in their first or second year of debate.

  • Weber State Debate Camp 2 or 3 Week
  • Gonzaga 2 week
  • Cal 2 week
  • Missouri State Debate Camp
  • Michigan 2 week
  • Kansas Debate Camp
  • Wake Forest 2 Week
  • Northwestern 2 week.
  • Dartmouth Debate Institute 2 week.

Camps for students who want to put in a lot of time, but Fake Ray Bans don’t want to attend a premier camp for 7 weeks.

Most of the camps that are above also have 3-4 week camps that will meet student’s needs for a longer and more in depth experience.

Camps for students who want the premier debate package:

The following 3 camps are probably the best camps in the country, but they also require the most time and money to attend.

  • Michigan 7 week
  • Michigan State and Georgetown Hoya Spartan Scholars
  • Cal Berkeley 7 week

Here is a list of camps to give you some links to websites to look at:

Here is a comprehensive list of camps, the list is from 2016, but is being updated. The website also provides likes to the camp websites, where you can find information about specific debate camps, their times, cost, and the application to attend.

Warning – there are quite a few camps on here that I wouldn’t send students to. Selecting a camp with high quality instruction is important; there are many camps that I would call scams. They select high school students who had success, but aren’t really invested in teaching or anything else. The students who attend end up receiving a worse education, because the staff of the camp isn’t really invested in improving the kids they are teaching.

Are there camps specifically for LD students?

Absolutely. There are two camps I would suggest sending kids to.

  • Global Debate Symposium – it is here in Colorado and Staffed by a great group.
  • Victory Briefs institute – they have many camps around the country. Our LD students in the past have attended; I have mixed feelings about the staffing choices.

Beyond these camps that focus on LD, I would also suggest to LD students to consider attending a camp for policy debate. Most of the difficult concepts in debate come from things that are used in policy. We have had students see success in learning those skills first hand.


Where do I go for Speech camps?  

Yes! Speech students who attend camp receive the same benefits as students in debate.   Here is a list of camps that Terry thinks would be beneficial to any student who attends.  There are dates and web links to the camps.  Please feel free to browse the camps.  Also don’t think b/c a camp is on the campus of Stanford University it is a better camp than Bradley University’s camp.  They all have their pros and cons.  


1) Interprod     Boston Session:  Emerson College    July 9th – July 23rd 201

                                  Des Moines Session:   July 28-August 6, 2017

A camp on the campus of Emerson College in Boston, MA and in Des Moines,Iowa. Very popular and a lot of kids come out with great speeches and material as well as some great friends.  It uses acting theory in their interpretation training and has a great Oratory coach.  Extemp is NOT offered at this camp.

2) GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY — July 9th – 23rd   — Outside Washington, DC         

Many of our students have gone to this camp and cheap jordans online given it rave reviews.  They improved, made great friends, and earned invaluable presentation and preparation skills.


3) University of Texas — June 25th to July 8th

In Austin, Texas, it is a great camp that Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses has great coaching.  We have sent kids here before and they have come back ready to win some trophies. Ask Sydney Gart!!!

5) Bradley University — Summer Forensics Institute — Sunday, July 9th – Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

On the Campus of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois.  This is probably the most affordable camp of the ones that  I am recommending.  I went to this camp as a High School student and learned everything I know there.   They run a great camp that gets you tournament ready and teaches you amazing skills in all the speech events.  It was a lot of fun overall.

4) Champion Briefs Camp:         They offer camps in Florida and Texas at three different times.  

Please click on link to see the dates and locations of different camps                         

5) Western Kentucky  — 1 Week long camp — July 8th – 16th

6) Stanford Univ. Summer Forensics Institute— July 23rd – August 5th

-They have one week, two week, and three week sessions all starting July 23rd running through August 12th.  Please go to the website and look at the schedule that might fit the students summer schedule.  We have sent students here in the past and had some good results.  The coaches there are top notch.

Is this really required?

No student in our program is required to go to camp. You do not have to attend an expensive and fancy debate camp to get better at debate. However, attending a camp is a short cut to getting better at a much faster pace, because it gives students an intensive series of practices for the next year. Additionally attending camp is EXTREMELY fun. Looking back on our high school experience attending Speech and debate camp was one of our favorite things.   Yes it was the highlight of our summers and we felt much more prepared for the season.

Wow, this is a lot of information. I still have more questions.

This is meant to be a starting point learning about debate camps. Please feel free to email us with questions and reach out about camp. We would love to help you and your student end up in a place that helps them succeed and is a fun summer experience.


Mike Bausch

Terry Rubin


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Tournament sign up sheet: Jeffco Tourney sign-up sheet



This tournament site is Arvada High School

Speech students are allowed to double-enter.   Debate students may not double-enter.

  • Bus leaves at 6:35am
  • If Ray Ban Sunglasses you are meeting the team at the tournament, please arrive no later than 7:20am.
  • Please bring money for food as there will be a concession stand and wholesale jerseys might be an opportunity to leave the school to grab lunch and bring it back.
  • This tournament will be three rounds and break to finals tournament.

LOCATION:  ARVADA HIGH SCHOOL 7951 W 65th Ave, Arvada, CO 80004


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If you are in the Musical you can NOT attend this tournament.

Tournament sign up sheet:  DPS Tournament Sign up Sheet

Sign up for Bus here:   DPS Invitational Bus Sign up Sheet

This tournament is being held on Saturday, February 4th from 7:30am to 7:30pm at Denver School of the Arts.

  • Bus will leave Kent Denver at 6:40am
  • If you are meeting us at the tournament please arrive by 7:20am so you have plenty of time to warm up and get organized for your rounds.
  • Please bring money for food throughout the day.
  • As always, you are required to stay through final rounds.  If you do not advance to a final round, you are free to leave after you watch a final round and CHECK OUT WITH A COACH.
  • Denver School of the arts is on the Northwest corner of Quebec and Montview.


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Fairview Freeze @ Fairview High School January 28th


Please click on link to sign up for the tournament: Fairview Freeze Sign up Sheet


Wave A: CX, US Extemp, Duo, Poetry, Creative Storytelling, POI, Informative

Wave B: LD, wholesale nfl jerseys Int’l Extemp, Humor, Drama, OO, Impromptu

Debate may double enter in the opposite wave.  LD can double enter in Wave A events, and CX students can double enter in Wave B events.

Speech students may double enter  in opposite waves only!!!

  • Tournament is at Fairview High School in Boulder going from 7:30am to 8pm
  • Please bring money for food (think two meals) as we will make food runs or there will be a concession stand at the tournament.
  • You may bring clothes to change into for after the tournament to ride home.
  • We will plan to get back to Kent between 9pm and 10pm.
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Excellence in scholarship and character


4000 East Quincy Avenue

Englewood, CO 80113-4916




Kent Denver Speech & Debate

16th Annual Berkeley California Trip

Informational Sheet


This year, the Kent Denver Speech and Debate Team will travel to Berkeley California to compete in the California Invitational Speech and Debate Tournament hosted at the University of California, Berkeley. Conducted over the President’s Day Weekend (February 17TH-21ST) all students will be exposed to national caliber cheap nfl jerseys competition on the UC BERKELEY campus. This is the 16th year that Kent Denver has attended this National Circuit tournament, and it is the largest tournament open to our competitors this season. Important travel and logistics information is presented below.

Trip Eligibility

The Kent Denver Speech and Debate Team permits students to travel to out-of-state destinations only after they have demonstrated a notable commitment to the activity through regular practice and competition. These standards are in place to better ensure that students are prepared for the high level of competition that they will encounter at the California oakley outlet Invitational. To this end, students must compete at two, second semester tournaments to be eligible to attend the California Invitational Tournament, and must regularly attend 1 hour of practice through the date of departure. Thus, students should carefully examine the competition schedule to ensure they can meet this requirement before committing to this trip. Under very specific conditions when it is logistically impossible for a deeply committed student to meet these eligibility requirements, he/she must formally meet with the coaches to explain the situation and discuss whether ray ban outlet a special exemption can be granted. This must be done before deposits are due.

Securing a Position on this Trip

If your son and/or daughter would like to compete in this tournament, will meet the above eligibility requirements, and you grant them permission to attend, we must receive his/her entry no later than Thursday, December 15th. Required with this entry is a $50 trip deposit to hold airline tickets and the signed student and parent permission form (attached). Checks must be made out to “Kent Denver School,” and please write “Berkeley” in the memo line. They must also turn in the three permission forms signed by the student and the parents by this date. Those forms are attached as well.

Thank you for your support of Kent Denver Speech and Debate.

Competition Logistics

  • Competition begins on Saturday, February 18TH at 8:00am and continues through early evening on Monday, February 20th. All competition rounds are held on the University of California, Berkeley campus.

Airline Travel

  • We anticipate the following airline reservations:

Southwest flying from Denver to Oakland non-stop:

  • Departure
    • Buses will depart Kent Denver School on Friday, February 17th at 5:30am to transport students to DIA for the following flight:
    • Flight #1376; Friday, Feb 17th, 8:30am from DIA and arrive in Oakland at 10:10am.
    • Students must sign up for the bus ahead of time so we have an accurate count of how many students we are transporting to DIA
    • Students may meet us at DIA at 6:40am
  • Return:
    • Flight #713; Tuesday, Feb 21st, 8:10am from Oakland and arrive in Denver 11:35am
    • Buses will be available to return students to Kent Denver upon our return.
  • Airline Travel Logistics
    • Students are permitted 1 carry-on item and/or 1 checked item and one personal item provided that it meets airline guidelines for carry-on luggage.

Hotel Accommodations

  • Our trip requires 4 nights lodging.
  • For all nights, we will be staying:

Sheraton Four Points

1603 Powell Street

Emeryville, CA 94608

(510) 654-1598

 A hot breakfast is being provided at the hotel from 6am to 10am each day for all Kent Denver Students

  • We have stayed in this area for 14 years; it is both convenient (approximately 7 miles from campus) and safe. There are a plethora of restaurants walking distance from the hotel.


  • Students pay for their own meals and entertainments for the four days. We usually recommend students bring between $35 – $50 a day for meals depending on how much your students eat.
  • Complimentary Hot Breakfast is being provided at the hotel on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning.

Adult Supervision

  • Accompanying the students on this trip are:
    • Eddie Young (Coach): Cell phone (303-506-8422)
    • Jennifer Woodley (Coach): Cell phone (303-880-2238)
    • Forrest Sayrs (Coach): Cell Phone (303-881-4607)
    • Mike Bausch (Coach): Cell Phone: 208-871-4486
    • Jeff Joseph (Coach): Cell phone: (720) 273-4647
    • Nate Graziano       (Coach): Cell phone: 970-412-9186

Clothing Required

  • 3 days of competition clothing (professional business attire)
  • Clothing for after competition (jeans, t-shirt, etc) and travel clothes (clothes for day in SF)
  • Clothing for students to take advantage of the hotel pool/workout facilities
  • Rain coat and/or umbrella as well as rain boots / shoes for rainy days

Final Costs and Payment

  • The final costs associated with the 2017 trip covering airfare, ground transportation, and hotel for 4 nights is gong to be $625. Cost depends on how many students are traveling. Please remit the remaining balance no later than Friday, February 5th. Please make checks payable to “Kent Denver School” and put “Berkeley” in the memo line.
  • We have a policy that cost should not be a reason that a student should not attend the tournament. Please contact Terry Rubin, prior to the time deposits are due, if you have questions about financial aid for the trip if you desire to go and cost is the only factor keeping you from attending.


If you have any questions regarding this trip, please do not hesitate to contact Terry Rubin (W: 303-770-7660 x234; C: 303-549-8352;


Terry Rubin

Director of Speech and Debate


Mike Bausch

Head Debate Coach


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ASU Logistics and Information


We are very excited to be taking you on this trip.

Below are all of the logistics and cost for the trip.  Please read carefully and forward to your parents.

COST:  The cost for the trip is $500.  This includes roundtrip airfare, hotel, and ground transportation.  If you paid a deposit, which is most of you, you owe $450 for the remaining balance. 

 Please make your check out to “Kent Denver School” and have “ASU” in the memo line. 

Payment is due by Thursday, December 15th. 

LOGISTICS:  We are flying out as a whole team on Thursday, January 5th at 8am and returning on Sunday, January 8th at 9am in Denver.

We will have a bus(s) leaving Kent Denver at 5:30am on Thursday, January 5th.

If you are meeting us at DIA, you need to be at United Economy Check-in at 6:15am.  

You will be competing on the campus of Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona (outside of Phoenix) on Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and Saturday.

Your first round is at 3:00pm on Thursday, thus we need to fly in early to make sure we get checked in to the hotel and settled to get to the tournament on time.


  • -We are flying United so if you want to check a bag it will be $25.
  • -You will need three days of competition clothing.
  • -Money for meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Think $30 to $45 per day depending on how much you eat.)
  • -Workout clothes and/or swimsuit.  Hotel has a workout room and Download a pool.
  • -Casual clothes to go out to dinner and travel in. (It will be nice during the day ray ban sunglasses sale but get chilly at night)  Bring some a sweater/ sweatshirt as well as a jacket.
  • -Ready to do your best!!!


We will have a bus(s) leaving Kent Denver at 5:30am. 

If you are meeting us at DIA, you need to be at United Economy Check-in at 6:15am.  


Graduate Tempe HOTEL

225 East Apache Boulevard, Tempe AZ 85281


This hotel is across the street from the ASU campus and walking distance to the tournament.  It has a diner and a mexican restaurant attached.

Restaurants are walking distance all around campus.


  • Terry Rubin – 303-549-8352
  • Mike Bausch – 208-871-4486
  • Jeff Joseph – 720-273-4647
  • Eddie Young – 303-506-8422


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THE PATRIOT GAMES @ George Washington High School

Saturday, January 14th @ George Washington High School

Sign up for the Tournament: Patriot Games Sign up Sheet

  • Buses will leave at 6:35am
  • If you are meeting us at George Washington H.S., arrive no later than 7:20am.
  • Please bring money for Lunch
  • Please come in competition appropriate attire
  • Reminder:  If you are eliminated, you need Cheap Oakleys to stay and support your teammates and watch final rounds. At the completion of final rounds, if you are not being recognized on stage you are free to leave.  You MUST check out with a coach.
  • You must inform a coach if you have to leave before final rounds at least 24 hours in advance.

George Washington High School address and Directions

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