Strive Prep Tournament – Results

The KDS Team had an excellent performance at the Strive Prep Tournament on Saturday.  Kent students received FOUR Tournament Champion awards: Juliette Watkins (’20)/Jude Barakat(’20) and Anna Veltri (’20)/Adelaide Young (’20) in Duo Interpretation, Daniel Chao (’19) in International Extemp, and Tucker Hamilton (’18)/Alex Hsai (’18) in Policy Debate.  In addition, Alex Hsia (’18) received an “Academy Award” for the most speaker points across ALL debate events.  And, Daniel Chao received an “Academy Award” for breaking to finals in three separate events, one of only three students to do so.  Below is a detailed list of the final awards:

Dramatic Interpretation

  • Esther Omegba (’18) – 2nd Place
  • Alice Noble (’19) – 4th Place
  • Vivek Shah (’21) – 5th Place

Duo Interpretation

  • Juliette Watkins (’20)/Jude Barakat(’20) and Anna Veltri (’20)/Adelaide Young (’20) – Tournament Co-Champions
  • Portia Tieze (’18) and Ashley Capoot (’18) – 4th Place
  • Katrina Starbird (’18) and Kristen Schmidt (’18) – 5th Place
  • Jennifer Weiske (’19) and Danielle Tamkin (’19) – 6th Place

Impromptu Speaking

  • Daniel Chao (’19) – 3rd Place

Informative Speaking

  • Daniel Chao (’19) – 3rd Place
  • Benjamin Hawley (’21) – 4th Place
  • Alexandra Haymons (’20) – 5th Place

International Extemp

  • Daniel Chao (’19) – Tournament Champion
  • Jack London (’20) – 5th Place

Lincoln Douglas

  • Sarah London (’19) – 3rd Place
  • Ari Aghelvi (’19) – 4th Place

Policy Debate

  • Tucker Hamilton (’18) and Alex Hsai (’18) – Tournament Champions
  • Eleanor Sullivan (’20) and Jack Landgraff (’20) – 3rd Place

Berkeley Tournament Logistics

The Team will leave for DIA after second period on Friday, February 16 (9:00 am).  Students will miss the rest of that day (B-Day) and all of class on Tuesday, February 20 (C-Day).  Students are responsible for talking to their teachers about these absences and getting any assessments done before they leave for the California.


Friday, February 16th

  • Virgin America Flight 1865
  • Denver to San Francisco 12:00 pm – 1:55 pm

Tuesday February 20th

  • Virgin America Flight 1868
  • San Francisco to Denver 12:25 pm – 3:53 pm

 Transportation from DIA on February 20:

There is a bus available to bring students back to Kent.  Here is a link to the sign up sheet:


  • Students are allowed to carry-on one free bag.  If students want to check a bag, they must pay for it each way.


  • The total cost for the tournament is $575. If you paid your deposit, then the total for the trip is $525. The payment is due February 6th. Make the check out to Kent Denver School.  Please put “Berkeley” in the memo line.
  • If your family is on financial aid through Kent Denver and you need assistance paying for the trip, please contact Mr. Hopkins or Mr. Bausch by February 5th.


  • Four Points by Sheraton San Francisco Bay Bridge, 1603 Powell St. Emeryville, CA 94608 510-547-7888

Patriot Game Tournament – Results

The team competed in a local tournament at George Washington High School with excellent results, including Tournament Championships in two events.  Detailed results are listed below:

Final Rounds:

Drama: Alice Noble (’19) – 5th Place


  • Katrina Starbird (’18) and Kristen Schmidt (’18) Tournament Champions
  • Aaron Mathews (’18) and Tyler Whitaker (’18) – 3rd Place
  • Ashley Capoot (’18) and Portia Tieze (’18) – 4th Place


  • Tyler Whitaker (’18) – Tournament Champion
  • Aaron Mathews (’18) – 3rd Place

International Extemp:

  • Jack London (’20) – 3rd Place
  • Timea Ryan (’20) – 7th Place

Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Rory Calison (’19) – 5th Place

Oratory: Emily Amspoker (’21) – 5th Place

Poetry: Lauren Huttner (’20) – 4th Place

POI: Natalie Huttner (’21) – 3rd Place



Humorous Interpretation: Jack Parkhouse (’20) and Adam Slosky (’20)


Winter Team Dinner

The Speech and Debate Team Dinner will be held on February 13 beginning 6 pm in Grant Hall.  Please note: this dinner is for STUDENTS ONLY.

Thank you again to the following families for generously volunteering to sponsor this event:

  • Parkhouse Family
  • Meyers-Saffold Family
  • Fitez Family
  • Taro Family
  • Landgraff Family
  • Hogan Family