Speech Coaching Philosophy – from Ian Hopkins, Speech Team Director

Hello! I am so excited that your child is doing speech at Kent Denver!

I wanted to take some time to the speech coaching process and philosophy that we use. As a general rule we expect students to be working with a coach or captain a half hour a week per event to be on the team.

Each Friday or Saturday speech kids will receive an email to sign up for a coaching slot on Google Docs. We ask that they sign up for just a half hour per event to start to ensure there is equal amounts of time for everyone to sign up. After 3pm on Sunday students may sign up for an additional coaching slot per event if they are available (students must sign up 24 hours in advance of a slot so that coaches may adequately plan their time). When students sign up for a practice slot, they are signing up for that particular time and not a coach. This is done to ensure the students are matched a coach who is particularly strong in an event so they get the most out of their coaching time. Around noon the day they are signed up to coach I will email them to let them know who they will be working with.

The Speech Coaching Staff includes: Abby Deely, Eddie Young, Jen Woodley, and myself. Coaching takes place Monday through Thursday from after school until 7:00pm. Additionally, myself and Abby (the new forensics fellow) are also free during the day to coach during off periods if schedules line up.

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