Cheers to the Novices!

Congrats to the fresh young faces who have made it through the gauntlet of their first set of tournaments. Good luck to all as you move on to the big kids playground. While the list below shows what the freshmen competed in during the novice season, keep in mind that the students may switch events through the season.

CX competitors:

Griffin Batt
Connor Capoot
Rorrik Holmes 
Jolie Kim
Amelia Saffold                                                        
Dhruv Sharma
Paul Skok                                                 
LD competitors:
Alex Barker
Jack Gowen
Katja Matter
Morgan Myhill
Marcus Tsuei
Speech Competitors:
Emily Amspoker (Informative and OO)
Lucy Fitez (DI)
Bradley Frank  (DI)
Natalie Huttner (POI)
Janet McDermott and Lauren Krauss (Duo)
Vivek Shah (DI)
Vincent Tran  (DI)