What is Lincoln Douglas Debate?

To help you understand the various Speech & Debate disciplines, we’ll take a quick look at the different events in the coming weeks.

Lincoln Douglas is a one on one debate format that consists of speeches, rebuttals, and cross examination. According to the National Speech and Debate Association, “individuals who enjoy LD like exploring questions of how society ought to be. Many people refer to LD Debate as a “values” debate, as questions of morality and justice are commonly examined.” LD debaters are known to enjoy philosophy, be quite intellectual, and to love winning arguments. They can talk fast when needed, but don’t always feel compelled to.

Topics for Lincoln Douglas Debate change every two months. There is also a Novice Topic at the start of the season. The current topics are as follows:

Novice Topic:
Resolved: Civil disobedience in a democracy is morally justified.
September/October Topic:
Resolved: In the United States, national service ought to be compulsory.

Jeff Josephs serves as the Lincoln Douglas coach extraordinaire for Kent Denver. Jeff is father to two Kent high schoolers, including CX debater Caden Joseph. In his non-coaching life, Jeff is an immigration attorney.