Student Voices – Kristen Schmidt (Duo and DI)

Kristen is a senior who has done Dramatic Interpretation and Duo since she was a freshman.

Please tell us about one of your events, and how you are preparing for the upcoming tournament season:

Duo interpretation is my favorite event, and the one I am so happy to continue with this year. In duo you and your partner can’t touch or look at each other, which is at points difficult, but ultimately so impressive when you are able to portray the idea of your script and relationship in a powerful way without speaking face to face. The amazing thing about duo is it can be any genre of script that you want, and you get to do it with someone else. It is scary to rely on someone else in an event, but it also allows you to feed off of their energy during the piece, and creates a bond outside of speech and debate. The piece my partner, Katrina, and I picked this year is about abortion. We have done several read throughs and cuttings of the script and are about to dive into the memorization. I am so happy with my script and my duo partner so I am very excited.