Travel Tournaments

Travel tournaments allow top level competitors to compete with a wider range of students from across the country. Coaches will select students to compete in each travel tournament. If invited to throwback jerseys attend, you need to confirm that you are attending by the announced deadline. Information on travel arrangements and costs, including transportation, lodging, and food, will be announced several weeks before the tournament.

As always, Kent Denver provides financial aid to qualifying students. Please contact Terry Rubin ( if you have additional questions.

Travel Tournaments 2016-2017
(Tournaments subject to change)

Greenhill Tournament <span style="color: Download #a6a6a6″>Travel Tournament
Sept. 16 – 19th
Depart Friday; return Sunday or Monday
LD and CX only

New Trier (Chicago) Travel Tournament
Oct. 7th-10th
Depart Friday; return Monday
CX only

Meadows Debate Tournament Travel Tournament
October 28th – October 30th
Depart Friday; return Sunday of Monday
LD and CX only

Glenbrooks (Chicago) Travel Tournament
November 18th – 21st
Depart Friday; Speech returns Sunday, Debate returns Monday

Alta Silver & Black (Salt Lake City, UT)
December 1st – December 3rd
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
LD and CX only

Cheyenne East Holiday Classic (Cheyenne) Travel Tournament
December 16th and 17th
Leave Friday at 7:30am and return Saturday at 7:30pm

ASU Hugh Downs School Southwest Championships (Tempe, AZ) Travel Tournament
January 5th – 8th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
Speech Events and Debate Events

Schwann’s Spectacular (Marshall, MN) Travel Tournament, SAT test date
January 26th- 29th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
Speech Events only

Golden Desert (Las Vegas) Travel Tournament
February 3rd – 6th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday)
LD and CX only

California Invitational (Berkeley) Travel Tournament
February 17th – 21st
Depart Friday; return Tuesday

National Qualifiers Travel Tournament, ACT test date
April 7th & 8th
Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday 8am – 8pm @ site TBD

Tournament of Champions (Lexington) Travel Tournament
April 20th – 23rd
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
LD and CX, by qualification only

NSDA National Championships (Birmingham) Travel Tournament
June 17th – 24th
Depart Saturday; return Saturday

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