Tournament Dress Code

In the past, some students have been confused about the attire that is appropriate for debate tournaments. Obviously talent, practice, dedication, and a little luck are the main factors that determine your success in Speech and Debate, but it doesn’t hurt to be dressed appropriately. In a close competition a wrinkled shirt or impractical shoes could mean the difference between a 1 and a 2, or a win and a loss. Furthermore, it is as important that we, as a team, look polished, poised, and ray ban outlet professional. This will not only help us with the judges, but it will also help us strike fear into the hearts of the other teams. Looking professional will do nothing but help enhance our overall image and credibility.

The following rules are throwback jerseys not too complex. No one needs to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe. Just be mindful of these simple tips:

  • Business suits are optional
  • Shirt – button down shirt or nice oakley outlet blouse
  • Ties are optional, but definitely suggested for debate
  • Slacks – ironed
  • Skirts should be an inch above the knee or longer
  • Shoes
    • Comfortable and formal – remember you will be wearing these for 12 hours a day and walking quite a bit
    • No tennis shoes
    • Never, under any circumstances, wear flip-flops
  • Particular events
    • DI competitors – muted colors unless Terry tells you otherwise
    • Duo partners – your outfits should compliment each other
    • CX and PF partners – your outfits should compliment each other

Midriffs, inappropriate cleavage, overly tight clothes, etc., will cost you points in the eyes of the judges.

In general, make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed, and in good repair.  Professional business attire is our aim!

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