Student Participation Requirements

You can find a list of basic requirements for student members here. Please talk to the coaches for details or if you have any questions.

  • Class Credit
    • Elective credit is available to you for participating in Speech and Debate. If interested, you must turn in the Elective Credit Guideline form with student and parent signatures by Monday, October 3rd. To get the permission form and for more information contact Terry at
  • Practice Requirements
    • Speech Practice Sessions
      • Minimum one 30 minute practice session per week per event
      • Sessions are generally Monday through Friday, 3:45 – 6:45pm
      • A link to the sign-up sheet will be sent each week to all team members
      • Other practice times can be made with a coach through advance arrangement
    • Debate Practice
      • Minimum two practice session per week
      • Practice schedule will be announced soon
  • Tournaments
    • Students must participate in a minimum of one tournament per month.
    • Students must sign up to attend a tournament – sign ups for local tournaments close one week before
    • Tournament dress requirements
    • Travel Tournaments
      • Participation in travel tournaments is by coaches invitation
      • View information for the specific travel tournament
    • The 5280 Invitational Tournament – Friday and Saturday, Nov. 11-12th
      • All students are required to either compete or volunteer
  • Speech and Debate Showcase – March 7th
    • All students are required to either compete or volunteer
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