Speech & Debate Showcase

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
Anschutz Theater, Art Building

This is your Cheap Jerseys big opportunity to watch members of the Kent Denver Speech & Debate Team strut their stuff!
Showcase is the team’s primary fundraiser and a rare opportunity for you to observe this award-winning team. Top performers in both speech and debate will display their event skills and treat you to a highly entertaining evening.

Showcase cheap nfl jerseys is the team’s primary fundraiser for the entire year. Fundraising is through ticket sales and donations. For the event we reach out to the wider Kent Denver community, including KDS cheap MLB Jerseys Speech and Debate alumni and their families, and invite them to celebrate the team and to consider donations to allow the team to continue to shine. More information about tickets and donations will be posted closer to the Showcase date.

All students are required to volunteer and attend the Showcase.

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