The 5280 Invitational Tournament

November 11 & 12, 2016
Friday and Saturday
George Washington High School

Sign up for tournament – deadline Tuesday, November 1st

The 5280 Tournament is Kent Denver’s contribution to Colorado’s speech throwback jerseys and debate tournament schedule. We cheap jordans online co-host this tournament with George Washington High School. Last year we hosted 25 teams from three states and this year we hope to attract even more. The tournament also provides us with a significant fundraising opportunity through concession stand sales. The money raised goes towards tournament entrance fees, travel expenses, and scholarships.

All students cheap nfl jerseys are required to either compete or volunteer at the 5280.

All food items for the concession stand are donated by parents. As we get closer to the tournament date, we will post a list cheap nhl jerseys of needed items and you can sign-up to donate. We also need parents to staff the concession stand, as well as to judge.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee-Ann Krauss or Colleen Attoma-Mathews (

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