Student Participation Requirements

You can find a list of basic requirements for student members here. Please talk to the coaches for details or if you have any questions.

  • Class Credit
    • Elective credit is available to you for participating in Speech and Debate. If interested, you must turn in the Elective Credit Guideline form with student and parent signatures by Monday, October 3rd. To get the permission form and for more information contact Terry at
  • Practice Requirements
    • Speech Practice Sessions
      • Minimum one 30 minute practice session per week per event
      • Sessions are generally Monday through Friday, 3:45 – 6:45pm
      • A link to the sign-up sheet will be sent each week to all team members
      • Other practice times can be made with a coach through advance arrangement
    • Debate Practice
      • Minimum two practice session per week
      • Practice schedule will be announced soon
  • Tournaments
    • Students must participate in a minimum of one tournament per month.
    • Students must sign up to attend a tournament – sign ups for local tournaments close one week before
    • Tournament dress requirements
    • Travel Tournaments
      • Participation in travel tournaments is by coaches invitation
      • View information for the specific travel tournament
    • The 5280 Invitational Tournament – Friday and Saturday, Nov. 11-12th
      • All students are required to either compete or volunteer
  • Speech and Debate Showcase – March 7th
    • All students are required to either compete or volunteer
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Tournament Dress Code

In the past, some students have been confused about the attire that is appropriate for debate tournaments. Obviously talent, practice, dedication, and a little luck are the main factors that determine your success in Speech and Debate, but it doesn’t hurt to be dressed appropriately. In a close competition a wrinkled shirt or impractical shoes could mean the difference between a 1 and a 2, or a win and a loss. Furthermore, it is as important that we, as a team, look polished, poised, and ray ban outlet professional. This will not only help us with the judges, but it will also help us strike fear into the hearts of the other teams. Looking professional will do nothing but help enhance our overall image and credibility.

The following rules are throwback jerseys not too complex. No one needs to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe. Just be mindful of these simple tips:

  • Business suits are optional
  • Shirt – button down shirt or nice oakley outlet blouse
  • Ties are optional, but definitely suggested for debate
  • Slacks – ironed
  • Skirts should be an inch above the knee or longer
  • Shoes
    • Comfortable and formal – remember you will be wearing these for 12 hours a day and walking quite a bit
    • No tennis shoes
    • Never, under any circumstances, wear flip-flops
  • Particular events
    • DI competitors – muted colors unless Terry tells you otherwise
    • Duo partners – your outfits should compliment each other
    • CX and PF partners – your outfits should compliment each other

Midriffs, inappropriate cleavage, overly tight clothes, etc., will cost you points in the eyes of the judges.

In general, make sure that your clothes are clean, ironed, and in good repair.  Professional business attire is our aim!

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Cherry Creek Novice Tourney

October 15th, Saturday 12:30 pm – 7 pm
Cherry Creek High School
9300 E Union Ave, Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Sign up for tournament – deadline Friday, October 7th

Sign up for bus

Tournament Information

  • The bus will leave from Kent Denver in front of the Upper School at 12:30 p.m. sharp! Please sign up for the bus by Thursday at 3:30pm.
  • If you are meeting at Cherry Creek High School, arrive by 1 p.m.
  • Go to the West Building Cafeteria

  • Please bring money for food as we will either make a late afternoon snack run or there is a concession stand at the tourney. We will have snacks available at our table throughout the morning and early afternoon.
  • Buses will return immediately after the tournament to Kent Denver School
  • Tournament ending time is approximate. As always, ending time depends on how many judges are at the tournament and how the host school handles the flow of rounds.


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Overland Novice Tourney

October 8th, Saturday 8am-3pm
Overland High School
12400 E Jewell Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Sign up for tournament – deadline Friday, September 30th

Sign up for bus

Tournament Information

  • The bus will leave from Kent Denver in front of the Upper School at 6:45am sharp!
    Sign up for the bus by Thursday at 8pm. Wholesale NFL Jerseys
  • If you are meeting at Overland High School, arrive by 7:30 a.m.
  • Overland High School is on the corner of Peoria and Jewell. Fake Oakleys
  • Please bring money for food as we will either make a lunch run or there is a concession stand at the tourney. We will have bagels and other snacks available at our table throughout the morning and early afternoon.
  • Buses will return immediately after the tournament to Kent Denver School.
  • Tournament ending time is approximate. As always, ending time depends on how many judges are at the tournament and how the host school handles the flow of rounds.


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Local Tournaments

The regular tournament season runs late fall through spring. We culminate our season at Kent with the Speech and Debate Showcase in March. Travel tournaments and State and National tournaments continue past March.

Local Tournaments 2016-2017
(All tournaments subject to change)


March 17th and 18th
Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 8am – 7pm @ Mountain  Vista High School

National Qualifiers ACT test date
April 7th  & 8th
Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday 8am – 8pm @ Heritage High School


Cherry Creek Classic Fall Play and SAT testing date.
November 5th
Saturday 7:30am-7pm @ Cherry Creek H.S.

5280 Tournament @ George Washington H.S.
This tournament is co-hosted by Kent Denver and GWHS.
Parent volunteers are needed!

November 11th-12th
Friday 4pm-10pm @ George Washington H.S.
Saturday 7am-8pm @ George Washington H.S.

December 2nd-3rd
Friday 12pm-9pm @ University of Denver
Saturday 7:30am-7pm @ University of Denver

December 3rd
Saturday 6:45am to 7pm @ Chatfield H.S.

Winter Wonder ACT testing date.
December 10th
Saturday 7am – 7pm @ Cherry Creek HS

Local tournament
January 7th
Saturday 7:30am to 7:30pm

Patriot Games MLK  weekend
January 14th
Saturday 7:20am – 7pm @ George Washington H.S.

Fairview Freeze (Boulder) — DEADLINE:  Thursday, January 19th
January 28th
Saturday 6:15am – 9pm @ Fairview H.S.

DPS Invitational or The Lakewood Invitational  — DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 25th
February 4th  (Musical is this weekend)
Saturday 7am 7pm @ site TBD

Jeffco Invitational ACT test date  — DEADLINE: Wednesday, February 1st
February 11th
Saturday 7am – 7pm @ site TBD

State Qualifiers @ George Washington High School
March 3rd and 4th
Friday 3pm – 10pm, Saturday  7am -6pm @ George Washington High School

Speech & Debate Showcase Night @ Kent Denver
March 7th All team members must attend
Tuesday 6pm – 9pm @ Anschutz Theater

Speech & Debate Showcase

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
Anschutz Theater, Art Building

This is your Cheap Jerseys big opportunity to watch members of the Kent Denver Speech & Debate Team strut their stuff!
Showcase is the team’s primary fundraiser and a rare opportunity for you to observe this award-winning team. Top performers in both speech and debate will display their event skills and treat you to a highly entertaining evening.

Showcase cheap nfl jerseys is the team’s primary fundraiser for the entire year. Fundraising is through ticket sales and donations. For the event we reach out to the wider Kent Denver community, including KDS cheap MLB Jerseys Speech and Debate alumni and their families, and invite them to celebrate the team and to consider donations to allow the team to continue to shine. More information about tickets and donations will be posted closer to the Showcase date.

All students are required to volunteer and attend the Showcase.

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Travel Tournaments

Travel tournaments allow top level competitors to compete with a wider range of students from across the country. Coaches will select students to compete in each travel tournament. If invited to throwback jerseys attend, you need to confirm that you are attending by the announced deadline. Information on travel arrangements and costs, including transportation, lodging, and food, will be announced several weeks before the tournament.

As always, Kent Denver provides financial aid to qualifying students. Please contact Terry Rubin ( if you have additional questions.

Travel Tournaments 2016-2017
(Tournaments subject to change)

Greenhill Tournament <span style="color: Download #a6a6a6″>Travel Tournament
Sept. 16 – 19th
Depart Friday; return Sunday or Monday
LD and CX only

New Trier (Chicago) Travel Tournament
Oct. 7th-10th
Depart Friday; return Monday
CX only

Meadows Debate Tournament Travel Tournament
October 28th – October 30th
Depart Friday; return Sunday of Monday
LD and CX only

Glenbrooks (Chicago) Travel Tournament
November 18th – 21st
Depart Friday; Speech returns Sunday, Debate returns Monday

Alta Silver & Black (Salt Lake City, UT)
December 1st – December 3rd
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
LD and CX only

Cheyenne East Holiday Classic (Cheyenne) Travel Tournament
December 16th and 17th
Leave Friday at 7:30am and return Saturday at 7:30pm

ASU Hugh Downs School Southwest Championships (Tempe, AZ) Travel Tournament
January 5th – 8th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
Speech Events and Debate Events

Schwann’s Spectacular (Marshall, MN) Travel Tournament, SAT test date
January 26th- 29th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
Speech Events only

Golden Desert (Las Vegas) Travel Tournament
February 3rd – 6th
Depart Thursday; return Sunday)
LD and CX only

California Invitational (Berkeley) Travel Tournament
February 17th – 21st
Depart Friday; return Tuesday

National Qualifiers Travel Tournament, ACT test date
April 7th & 8th
Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday 8am – 8pm @ site TBD

Tournament of Champions (Lexington) Travel Tournament
April 20th – 23rd
Depart Thursday; return Sunday
LD and CX, by qualification only

NSDA National Championships (Birmingham) Travel Tournament
June 17th – 24th
Depart Saturday; return Saturday

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The 5280 Invitational Tournament

November 11 & 12, 2016
Friday and Saturday
George Washington High School

Sign up for tournament – deadline Tuesday, November 1st

The 5280 Tournament is Kent Denver’s contribution to Colorado’s speech throwback jerseys and debate tournament schedule. We cheap jordans online co-host this tournament with George Washington High School. Last year we hosted 25 teams from three states and this year we hope to attract even more. The tournament also provides us with a significant fundraising opportunity through concession stand sales. The money raised goes towards tournament entrance fees, travel expenses, and scholarships.

All students cheap nfl jerseys are required to either compete or volunteer at the 5280.

All food items for the concession stand are donated by parents. As we get closer to the tournament date, we will post a list cheap nhl jerseys of needed items and you can sign-up to donate. We also need parents to staff the concession stand, as well as to judge.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee-Ann Krauss or Colleen Attoma-Mathews (

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Judging Speech Events

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Judging Debate

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how to become a sports statistician1. Patriots win with tempo, matchups: Look at the consistent matchups Tom Brady and the New England offense created today. Even without Rob Gronkowski (out for the rest of the playoffs with an injury cheap nfl jerseys according to a PFT wholesale jerseys china report), the Patriots used multiple personnel groupings and alignments to win on the edge and between the numbers. Hernandez, Welker, Vereen. Houston couldn’t play with the speed and tempo of this offense and was exposed when Brady (344 yards, 3 TDs) targeted the middle of the field or worked the boundary in the vertical game. The way I see it, you almost need a oakley outlet couple of built in checks (think base defensive schemes) to compete with the pace of the Patriots. There were times when the Texans couldn’t get lined up in Cheap nfl Jerseys the red zone and you don’t get those snaps back.It doesn’t matter who the person is: trans people who haven’t been on TV can give just as much strength to young cheap nhl jerseys trans people as celebrities. When I spoke to my friend’s daughter yesterday, I asked her how she felt about Caitlyn Jenner. She said that it was one of the hot topics at school, and that she thought she was awesome. I then asked what she got from that first meeting with Jackie and <a href="" Cheap Ray Bans target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys she thought for a few seconds. Then she BERKELEY looked at me, and all she said was one word. Hope.But, it wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t use it, so wholesale nfl jerseys let’s use it. Now, the bridge Cheap Jerseys looks like knuckles. You can do it like this, and put the Q in the middle, or if you have to go around a ball on either of the sides. Now, if you’ve got a ball you’ve got cheap oakleys to shoot over, no problem. BETS’s fourth quarter operating costs are not yet available as of this writing. However, the previous six months of operating costs came in at $638,955. Operating costs include promotional expenses, advertising, website operation, administrative expenses, and other standard expenses. It’s to be expected that expenses will outweigh revenue/gross profit in only the company’s second quarter of operation. I don’t see any red flags here in terms of unexpected or excessive costs.WASHINGTON The National Football League’s 32 owners are hurtling toward a March 4 deadline, giving every indication that they plan to lock out the players and stadium employees, potentially jeopardizing the next season in an effort to extract an extra billion dollars per year for themselves and require the players to put in two extra regular season games. The move comes after the owners have managed to siphon hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers to build and maintain stadiums for their private businesses.